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February 2013 Archives

Do You Know What To Do After An Arrest?

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 28-Feb-2013

You've just been arrested. You're now facing the serious penalties that could result if a conviction is made. Thoughts of fines, jail time, and other penalties are circling through your head. Now what? Do you know what to do in the wake of an arrest in Orange County? When it comes to facing criminal charges in the state of California, time is of the essence, and even the slightest hesitation could cost you more than you can afford. Therefore, it is imperative that legal action is taken immediately. The sooner you align yourself with a defense attorney who can assist in your efforts to avoid conviction, the better chances you stand in court.

Irvine Police Arrest Suspect After a String of Residential Burglaries

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 27-Feb-2013

According to the Irvine Police Department, a man was arrested this morning in relation to a string of residential burglaries. In press release today, Irvine Police said that a neighbor altered police of a suspicious vehicle, which eventually led police to make an arrested. The car contained property that linked the suspect to five residential burglaries in Newport Beach and Irvine over the past several weeks. The release indicated that the suspect waited until residents left their homes and then entered the houses through ground-level, unlocked windows.

Justice Reverses Three-Strikes Sentence, Proves Beneficial for Accused Man

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 21-Feb-2013

In 2004, Federal District Court Judge Spencer Letts reversed the verdict for a man who was given a mandatory 25-year prison sentence because of the California "three-strikes" law. The accused, M.B., was convicted of his first felony in 1988, after he got in a car accident then stole money from the other driver. A few years later, he was under the influence of drugs and had a fight with his girlfriend, who called the police. In this case, he pleaded no contest to assault, making that his second strike. The last strike was brought on by M.B.'s purchase of less than a gram of crack cocaine, for which he was convicted of drug possession.

Popular Crimes Committed by Orange County Gangs

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 20-Feb-2013

The California Department of Justice tracks gang members and gang activities throughout the state, and individuals will be entered into this statewide database if they meet two or more of the following criteria: they are an admitted gang member, they are named by a reliable informant, they display gang signs or tattoos, have frequent gang arrests, wear gang attire or are arrested with gang members. If no crimes are committed in five years, the potential gang member's information will be removed from the database.

Former LAPD Officer Suspected in Homicide Case

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 14-Feb-2013

The Irvine police accused an ex-cop of a series of homicides after he implicated himself on a Facebook manifesto that threatened over two dozen people. The former police officer, Christopher Dorner, was thought to have been targeting police across the area, beginning with the daughter of the police captain who he blamed for his dismissal from the police force. The captain was involved in a review of Dorner's conduct; Mr. Dorner was being questioned because of serious statements that he made about his training officer. His allegations that his training officer abused a homeless man were found to be false and ultimately led to his removal from the LAPD.

O.C. Man Charged with Manslaughter after DUI Incident

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 7-Feb-2013

Anaheim resident, A.S., has been charged with killing three women after hitting them with his car. He was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. Around 11:00 on February 9, the victims were reportedly walking home from a baby shower when they decided to cross at Western and Del Monte. There was no marked crosswalk at this spot, but the prosecutors say that doesn't matter since pedestrians are allowed to cross in an unmarked intersection and they have the right of way.

Brawl Case Against Chris Brown to be Closed

Posted By The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman || 4-Feb-2013

According to the Los Angeles Times, the misdemeanor battery case against singer Chris Brown will close soon. Singer Frank Ocean, the alleged victim, posted on social media that he didn't want to press charges against Brown. The Sherriff's Department said, "The alleged victim does not want to move forward, so we are not going to move forward." Officials plan to close the case without any charges and keep it on file. However, the Sherriff's Department plans to speak with Ocean again before the case is officially closed. The news reports that the incident occurred when the two musicians began fighting over a parking space at the recording studio. Authorities responded to the brawl when they received a report of six men fighting outside of the studio. Later that day, Ocean posted on his Twitter page that he "got jumped by Chris and a couple guys." According to a news source, Brown and his associates left the area before law enforcement arrived. Click here to read the Los Angeles Times article about this story.

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