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Attorney Jacqueline Goodman Writes Article for Los Angeles Daily Journal

Orange County criminal defense attorney Jacqueline Goodman has recently published an article in the Los Angeles Daily Journey. Her article, New Jersey: A Bellwether Liability for Practicing Unsafe Text, discusses a recent controversial case in which a New Jersey court ruled that people who text others they know are driving can potentially be held liable for their role in contributing to accidents and victims' damages.

In her article, Attorney Goodman analyzes the court's ruling and the harsh facts surrounding the prevalence of distracted driving accidents. According to statistics, texting while driving has surpassed drunk driving as the number one cause of teenage deaths in the United States. While Attorney Goodman doesn't question the need for change that protects public safety, she does question whether the unprecedented New Jersey ruling is really the most effective or fair way of addressing the difficult subject.

Goodman's article goes on to illustrate the ways in which laws constantly change over time and how many in the legal field have found it difficult to reconcile rapidly expanding technology with laws and policymaking. To end her article, she discusses the impact that this ruling may have on civil and criminal law and individual accountability and asks questions that contribute to the national conversation on this controversial issue.

Attorney Goodman's article is pivotal, profound, and a shining example of her unyielding efforts to challenge ineffectiveness in our legal system. Her article also reveals an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer who is passionate about the law in and outside of the courtroom. Just recently, Attorney Goodman was included in the Los Angeles Times Women Leaders in Law Magazine and the OC Metro Register Magazine Top Attorneys section. Her skill and passion are precisely the attributes that have allowed her to accumulate a solid record of success when representing clients accused of a crime throughout Orange County.