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If you have been charged with any type of crime, your future may be at stake. Even simple misdemeanor charges can have lifelong consequences, if you are convicted. You cannot afford to take any chances with the outcome of your case. You need an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer with a proven record of success to fight for you and help you navigate through the criminal justice system.

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Winning highly-publicized and difficult criminal trials has garnered Attorney Goodman a distinguished reputation and the respect of legal peers, including members of the judiciary and other members of the bar. As we have demonstrated countless times over the past 20 years, prosecutors rarely have an airtight case. In fact, there is almost always an opportunity for a reduced sentence or acquittal.

We know that you are hiring our firm to get results. Take the first step toward a favorable case outcome and speak with a member of our team today. Jacqueline Goodman believes that every person is entitled to the best defense possible. We can work with you to arrange financing on an individual basis. No person should be denied top-notch representation due to economic hardship.