The Criminal Process In California

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have been arrested, it is crucial that you learn what to expect during the process of your defense so that you can understand your rights and know how to achieve the best possible result. You are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty, but unless you take effective action now by retaining an Orange County criminal defense lawyer to represent your case, it is highly likely that you will be convicted. Fill out our case evaluation form so that an attorney from our firm can begin work on your case today.

What to Expect After an Orange County Arrest


Your first court appearance after an arrest is referred to as the "arraignment." At the arraignment, which may or may not occur while you are in custody, the judge will read you the formal charges, and will ask you whether you choose to plead guilty or not guilty. Having legal representation present at this stage of the process can make a significant difference in the amount set for bail, as your attorney can argue for a lower figure by demonstrating to the judge that you are not likely to attempt to flee the area before your next appearance.

Investigating Your Case

Following the arraignment, your lawyer will begin work on a criminal defense strategy for fighting the charges. This includes meeting with you to ensure that you know your rights, as well as studying the evidence in the case to find out what the prosecutor knows and what the prosecutor does not know. If we can demonstrate that there is not enough evidence to support a conviction, it may be possible to have the charges dropped. We seek to settle a case out of court whenever it is an option, but prepare every case for trial, conducting an exhaustive study of the case and developing the strongest possible defense.

It is often possible to have the case dismissed by showing that the suspect's rights were violated during the investigation, such as if you were arrested for DUI despite the fact that the police officer did not have probable cause to pull you over. At the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman, we have a proven reputation for winning trials - a fact which often makes it possible for us to settle cases out of court.

Let Us Fight to Defend Your Rights

If the case does go to trial, an attorney from our firm will fight aggressively to defend your rights and help you avoid a negative outcome. We can produce evidence and witnesses to testify in your favor, as well as cross-examining the prosecution's witnesses to expose weaknesses in the case. You cannot be convicted unless the case against you is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if you are found guilty, your lawyer can argue in favor of a lighter sentence which may include probation and alternative sentencing options.

We may also be able to assist you with the process of petitioning for a pardon/expungement. Ideally, you will either be acquitted or cleared of the charges at the conclusion of your case and be free to move on in life without the burden of a criminal record.

Consult with a criminal defense attorney from our team in Fullerton as early as possible after your arrest for experienced legal guidance throughout the criminal process.