Child Sex Crimes

OC Child Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

The malicious treatment of individuals who've been accused of sex crimes typically begins immediately after an arrest. At the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman, we treat cases of this nature with compassion, and we are aware of the gravity that a child sex crime accusation can have on your life.

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Presumption of Guilt in Child Sex Crime Cases

If you are accused of child molestation or of producing or possessing child pornography, the truth is that you could presumed guilty immediately; but not by our firm! Child sex crime cases often attract a lot of attention because of their negative social stigma and the perceived threat to the community that they give off. Your face could appear in newspapers and on television.

In such trying times, the need for aggressive representation cannot be overstated. Hire a sex crime attorney from our OC criminal firm for defense against false accusations made by angry and bitter parents or by a fearful or confused child.

Effective Defense Strategies for Sex Charges in the OC

The founder of our firm, Jacqueline Goodman, takes on difficult child sex crime cases because she believes that everyone deserves a lawyer who will fight tirelessly throughout the criminal process, no matter the charges and evidence at play. Our firm brings experience, extensive knowledge of the law, and innovative criminal defense strategies to each of our clients' cases. This combination frequently results in the most favorable verdicts possible.

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