Underage DUI

Protection for Drivers Under 21

California is known for its harsh prosecution of drivers who are guilty of driving under the influence, and this is especially true of underage drivers. Those who are under the legal drinking age of 21 years old will face severe penalties if they are caught drinking and driving because of California's "zero tolerance" DUI law. California is one of many states that have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards underage drivers who have consumed alcohol.

What Is Involved in the "Zero Tolerance" DUI Law?

The zero tolerance law ensures that any underage driver who is found to have a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.01% will be arrested for DUI. Anyone who is under 21 and is suspected of DUI is required by law to consent to a preliminary alcohol screening test or any other blood, urine, or breathe test to determine BAC. If you submit to a chemical test and your BAC shows up as .01% or greater, you will automatically face penalties under California DUI law.

The penalties for this type of an underage DUI include an automatic one-year driver's license suspension or a one-year delay of driving privileges for those who do not yet have a California driver's license. Some underage drivers think they can avoid a DUI and these penalties merely by refusing to submit to a chemical test, but this is not the case. In fact, refusing to submit to one of these tests will result in a one- to three-year suspension, which is determined by how many prior convictions a driver has under California's zero tolerance law. This offense is civil and not criminal, and therefore the penalties will be enforced by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

California DUI Penalties for Underage Drivers

There is another type of underage DUI that you can be charged with if you are caught driving with a BAC of 0.05-0.07 percent. This type of underage DUI is considered to be a misdemeanor charge under California Vehicle Code Section 23140 VC, and the penalties for this type of DUI will increase with every subsequent conviction. There are no jail or prison sentences given for underage DUI, but the first conviction for this type of DUI will carry with it a $100 penalty. This fine will increase by $100 with every subsequent offense, and additional penalties will apply under California's zero tolerance law. In addition to paying the fine, those accused of this type of underage DUI will also lose their driver's license for one year and must attend and complete a three-month alcohol program before their license will be reinstated.

It is also common for those convicted of this type of underage DUI to be ordered to participate in a "Youthful Drunk Driving Visitation Program" where they must visit either an E.R., coroner's office, or a chemical dependency recovery center in order to observe the victims of DUI accidents or people who have abused drugs or alcohol nearly to the point of death.

Why Should You Take Action to Fight an Underage DUI in OC?

One of the key reasons why it is important to challenge and defeat an underage DUI is because a conviction must be reported on college and employment applications under the criminal history section. DUI convictions have a way of staying with you for many years to come and may affect your ability to receive certain scholarships, obtain housing, or get a certain job.

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