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Attorney Goodman Is Passionate About Criminal Justice

Attorney Jacqueline Goodman recently spoke to lawmakers in Sacramento about a number of criminal justice issues. Along with her California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) delegation, who are just as passionate about upholding the rights of those within the criminal justice system, Attorney Goodman addressed a recent bill that aims to limit jail terms for people with a criminal background. 

Senate Bill 136 - Sentencing is concerned with people who have prior non-violent felony convictions. The current law states that an additional year prison term will be assessed for each prior prison term that was incurred due to a felony. For repeat offenders, this can lead to a lengthy prison term, despite the severity of the crime that was most recently committed. This senate bill aims to remove the additional prison terms based on a person's previous record of incarceration. However, people convicted of violent felonies will still be assessed an additional three-year term for each prior prison term, provided that both offenses involved violent crime. 

Attorney Goodman wholeheartedly supports removing the additional one year term for non-violent felony offenses. Extending a person's prison term for previous offenses serves no real rehabilitative purpose. Additionally, the longer a person remains incarcerated, the harder it is to be successfully reintegrated into society. This is a crucial component of the criminal justice system. After a person has sufficiently satisfied a prison sentence, he or she should be allowed to live a normal life, just like any other person. 

The level of dedication Jacqueline Goodman shows toward criminal justice issues is also afforded to each and every one of her clients. With her support, you can rest assured that your best interests will remain in focus while faced with a criminal conviction. Contact her today to schedule a consultation.