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Bernie Sanders endorses Gascón!

Bernie Sanders endorses Gascón!

Police unions endorse Lacey. Maybe that’s all you need to know.

I encourage all of my LA County friends and family to vote ourselves a new District Attorney. It’s easy to forget the down-ballot contests, and the district attorney’s office is very far down the ballot, especially in our county. But it’s a very important office and change is necessary. For Bernie Sanders to weigh in on a local county prosecutor race, you must know something is up. And love him or hate him, no one questions Bernie Sanders’s integrity.

I’ll be hosting a virtual fundraiser for Gascón this evening, and have given as much as I can to help bring integrity to the LA DAs office. I personally love Gascón, while at the same time, am reminded that if he were to win, I would spend my life opposing him. Ironic. But he’s what LA needs— a thinker with a conscience.

Please vote Gascón for LA DA and help spread the word.