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Defending Sex Crimes National Seminar

Defending sex crimes can be challenging, but with the right tools, attorneys can effectively defend their clients against the most serious sex crime allegations. 

Jacqueline Goodman is proud to co-chair the 10th Annual Sex Crimes Defense Seminar hosted by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Attorneys are invited to register for this cutting-edge seminar on November 14-15 2019. 

The seminar focuses on the most difficult issues in defending crimes including multiple accusers, speaking with jurors about sexual assault, utilizing toxicology to defend sexual assault allegations and contemporary topics like online romantic deception.  

Attorneys attending the conference will gain insight on the latest tactics for defending against sex crimes allegations and will learn from leading experts and criminal defense leaders throughout the nation. 

Jacqueline Goodman's expertise in the area of sex offenses has proven particularly valuable for her clients in the recent legal climate. As president of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and a Board Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers she regularly interfaces with legal and forensic experts from across the country to remain abreast of cutting-edge defenses that beget success.