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What Happens after a DUI Arrest: Booking and Bailing

The booking process begins once someone is arrested.

The booking process usually includes:

  • Fingerprinting, photographing, and searching the suspect
  • Recording the basic personal information of the suspect
  • A search of the defendant's criminal record
  • Recording information of the suspect's alleged crime
  • Confiscation of the defendant's personal property
  • Holding the suspect in a holding cell or local jail

DUI suspects are typically able to be released by means of bail or "Own Recognizance".

Bail is payment by someone arrested for DUI in exchange for their release from police custody once they have been booked. As a part of bail, the suspect agrees to appear in court for the criminal process. In some cases, the bail amount is decided later on by the judge who weighs how much to set bail at based on the suspect's DUI record and criminal history, how serious the particular offense was, and their connections to family, community, and employment.

Either the defendant or their family or friends can post the bail amount or a bond can be posted instead of the full amount. The bond is an agreement in writing guaranteeing the full amount will be paid should the suspect fail to show up in court. Bonds are typically found through a bail bonds agency which charges a fee for posting the bond. They may also ask for some form of collateral before posting the bond.

No bail money or bond needs to be posted if the defendant is released on their own recognizance. In this situation, the suspect is promising in writing to appear in court for their upcoming proceedings. There may be conditions involved in its own recognizance release such as prohibiting the suspect from leaving the state or requiring they contact the court regularly while their case is ongoing.

Whether a judge will grant own recognizance release depends on the same variables as when they determine a bail amount. Should a released suspect fail to appear in court they can be arrested and have a bail amount set.

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