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Former Orange County Clerk Forges 1,000 DUI and other Cases

A former Orange County clerk had been illegally resolving roughly 1,000 DUI and misdemeanor traffic cases, according to court officials. The clerk, who no longer works with the court, perpetrated a scheme whereby mainly Latino defendants were illegally and fraudulently given heavily-reduced penalties or punishments which were never realized.

The court has launched an investigation to correct these cases with an Orange County public corruption task force. It is also being reported that Orange County DUI attorneys are being called by the court regarding clients they had never represented before. It is believed that someone used the names of firm attorneys to make the illegal resolutions appear legitimate. Court records even showed that some defendants had been clients of certain attorneys, but when questioned, the attorneys had no record of representing them.

It has even been reported that while court records indicated a defendant has spent time in jail, the jail when asked denied they had served any time there.

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