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Los Angeles Terrorist Threats Attorney

Citizens of Los Angeles and of the United States at large are proud of this country because of the ability to carry out each day with the assurance of peace. The right to safety, along with the right to work, live, and provide for your family without the fear of threat or harm, is deeply treasured in American society. 

However, terrorism and its associated threats can jeopardize safe environments and even put individuals who have experienced it second-hand in a state of anxiety. Therefore, this crime is taken very seriously in California and the United States. If you are facing criminal charges for terrorism, or terrorist threats, it is critical to have a Los Angeles terrorist defense lawyer who can defend you. 

The legal defense team at The Law Office of Jacqueline Goodman has years of experience handling criminal charges and convictions related to terrorism and terrorist threats. At our defense firm, our team is deeply committed to providing an evaluation of such felony criminal cases. We can determine whether it overlaps with other kinds of cases, such as DUI defense or violent crimes, to construct a robust and intelligent defense.

Los Angeles Terrorist Threats Lawyer

Defining the Basics: Terrorism and Terrorist Threats

In today’s globalized and politicized society, the word terrorism can be extremely charged and difficult to define. However, it is generally known as using acts of violence to instill fear in a population and destabilize or upend an existing society. 

The aims of terrorism are to seek as much attention as possible, so targets of such crimes can be:

  • The general civilian population
  • Culturally significant landmarks or places
  • Group leaders 
  • Symbols of existing leadership

Examples of terrorist acts include:

  • Shootings
  • Bombings
  • Cyberattacks
  • Kidnapping
  • Hijacking

To prevent such brutal crimes, the U.S. and Los Angeles have made the laws surrounding counter-terrorism stricter.

A terrorist threat is considered to be any verbal or written threat to commit a terrorist act. While such a threat does not induce physical violence, it can sew deep-seated fear in a society. A terrorist threat can be directed at a single person, a group of people, or an organization at large. Even though terrorist threats do not include harm or damage to people or property, such a charge is taken very seriously under criminal law and can result in serious penalties. 

The Hertzberg-Alarcon California Prevention of Terrorism Act

The Hertzberg-Alarcon California Prevention of Terrorism Act was added to California’s penal code in 2005. It was intended to combat terrorism and the looming threat of weapons of mass destruction to preserve public safety and well-being. It aims to counter the ownership, manufacturing, or threat of the use of weapons of mass destruction, including the use of industrial chemicals as a weapon against humans and animals. 

This act lays out the penalties associated with terrorism that involves weapons of mass destruction. If a person is found to be owning, possessing, producing, developing, or exchanging weapons of mass destruction, they can face a sentence of 4, 8, or 12 years in prison. If they carry out the use of a weapon of mass destruction, then this can result in a life sentence in prison. If they are found to be in possession of certain restricted biological agents, they can face a sentence in prison of either 4, 8, or 12 years.

Finally, this act outlines the penalties associated with engaging in threats to use weapons of mass destruction. If a person is found to be making threats to use weapons of mass destruction on a person, group, organization, or society at large to inflict widespread fear, they can face time in jail or prison, based on the severity and seriousness of the threat. 

Defense Against Charges of Making Terrorist Threats in California

When building a strong defense against charges of terrorist threats, it’s important to thoroughly develop your strategy based on the details of your case. Because such charges are so serious, a strong defense can be what decides your future. Some of the more common defense strategies used against terrorist threat charges are: 

  • Advocate for the right to free speech. The First Amendment guarantees U.S. citizens the right to freedom of speech. This means that many verbal or written statements could be considered to be protected under the First Amendment, even though they might be offensive. Therefore, your attorney could argue that you were expressing your thoughts, even though the remark could have come across as offensive. 
  • Question the threat’s credibility. Sometimes, a threat may not have any backing to it, and it may have just simply been a statement. Your lawyer can attempt to show that you did not have the capacity to carry out the threat that was made or even that it would have been difficult to carry it out. 
  • Show that you did not have the intent. There must be an intent proven behind every terrorist threat case. Therefore, your defense lawyer can work to show the court that you had no reason to cause harm, that your alleged threat was misunderstood, and that it wasn’t serious enough to be an actual threat. 
  • Prove that your actions were a result of a mental health condition. In some cases, a defendant may make a threat that should not be considered a crime because the individual who engaged in the threat was suffering from a mental disorder, such as psychosis. A lawyer can argue that, if they were in a proper state of mind, they would not have made the statement.

In some cases, the most sound defense strategy is to plead guilty to a crime so that you can get a guaranteed lesser penalty. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can advise you on what your defense options are and help guide you toward the decision that you are most comfortable with and confident in. 

Terrorist Threat Defense Lawyer FAQs

Q: What Can Be Considered a Terrorist Threat in California?

A: In the state of California, if a person tries to instill fear or terror in an individual through threats to carry out an act of violence, then this is considered to be a terrorist threat. The means through which the threat can be communicated can be email, text, call, in person, in a memo, or by other verbal or written means. To be considered serious enough to be a crime, the threat must be specific and immediate, and it must be completely unmistakable.

Q: Can I Go to Jail for Making a Threat in California?

A: If you make a threat against someone in California, especially if it is a terrorist threat, you can spend time in jail or prison. Factors that can influence the penalties behind a criminal threat include:

  • How severe the threat is
  • What the intent behind the threat was
  • How likely the threat was to actually be carried out

Your attorney can help you put together a defense that can show the jury that your words may have been misinterpreted or that you were unable to actually carry out any threats.

Q: Is It a Felony to Make a Terroristic Threat in California?

A: If you make a terrorist threat in California, it is likely to be deemed a felony offense. Felony offenses are considered to be more serious than a misdemeanor and can lead to a long time spent in jail or prison as well as large fines. The exact penalties that can be incurred as a result of the threat will depend on the criminal history of the defendant and the severity and nature of the threat. 

Q: Can I Be Deported for California Terroristic Threat Charges?

A: If you are convicted of making a terrorist threat in the state of California, this can have a large impact on your immigration status, and it can even result in deportation. Some types of threats and violent acts that are considered to be terroristic can have a larger impact than others on the status of a non-citizen. Therefore, it is important to speak with a criminal defense lawyer to understand the potential penalties for such charges.

Q: What Is the Difference Between a Hate Crime and Terrorism in California?

A: In California, both hate crimes and acts of terrorism can have a long-lasting psychological and physical impact on the victims involved, but they have certain distinctions, especially their intent and the scope of the crime. A hate crime is intended to instill fear in a specific group of people based on their characteristics, such as their sex, gender, race, or sexual orientation. Terrorism is motivated by certain political or ideological beliefs and is implemented on a larger scale. 

Contact Our Firm Today to Fight Back Against Serious Charges

If you are being charged with terrorism-related charges, ranging from manslaughter to terrorist threats, it’s extremely crucial to have a defense attorney who has experience defending similar cases in Los Angeles. Such charges can have a serious impact on your life and your reputation, so it is important to have a defense attorney who can help de-escalate the situation and clear your name. Contact our defense firm today for a consultation to discuss your case. 



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