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CACJ's Latest Lobbying Effort Involves Criminal Records

A criminal record can impact many areas of a person's life. That's why attorney Jacqueline Goodman and her California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) delegation recently met with lawmakers in Sacramento to discuss a myriad of criminal justice issues. A recent topic of discussion introduced by the delegation involved Assembly Bill 1076 - Criminal Records Automatic Relief, which governs how criminal records can be accessed in certain circumstances. 

This bill proposes that arrest records should be sealed and kept from public disclosure if a person has completed a diversion program. A diversion program offers rehabilitation in lieu of criminal conviction, and these programs are thought to be beneficial when it comes to integrating a person back into society after a crime has been committed. This bill would also ensure people who failed to be convicted of any crimes of which they were accused would also have their arrest records sealed. 

It's clear to see why CACJ president Goodman and the rest of her delegation would support this measure. For a criminal justice system to be truly effective, it mustn't continue to punish a person even after their debt to society has been paid. Access to criminal records is not always in the public interest, especially when this information is used to unfairly discriminate against people with troubled pasts. An individual must be accepted by society as a whole for real rehabilitation to take place.

Attorney Goodman is not only passionate about criminal justice reform but she also truly cares about her clients. If you've been accused of a crime, contact her office today to schedule a consultation. You can also read more about the CACJ's other lobbying endeavors, starting with their opposition to a bill aimed at extending the practice of flash incarceration