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Drugs Found on Lil Wayne's Private Jet

Lil Wayne was accused of being in possession of a gun and drugs after flying from California to Miami on his private jet. Federal agents who had gotten a search warrant entered the 37-year-old rapper's Gulfstream G-V plane after it touched down at Miami-Dade Opa Locka Executive Airport on Dec. 23. Miami-Dade police officers were also part of the search team.

Investigators allegedly found a .45 caliber handgun that was plated in gold and equipped with a pearl grip. A Coach bag said to belong to Lil Wayne was found to contain suspected pill and crystal-form MDMA, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Lil Wayne's personal chef was allegedly found to have around $20,000 in cash with him. According to reports, the search of Lil Wayne's jet was carried out after police got a tip.

Lil Wayne's defense attorney announced the same night of the search that his client had been allowed to leave the scene. He offered no comments about the items found by investigators, and there were no immediate charges filed against Lil Wayne. The musician has a conviction for gun possession on his record that is 10 years old.

A person who has a prior conviction for drug crimes on their record could face a more serious sentence if they are convicted on another charge. Someone in this situation may want to have legal representation to help reduce the potential for maximum penalties. An attorney may be able to help someone in this position to look for flaws in the prosecution's case that might help charges to be reduced or dismissed.