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Attorney Goodman discusses pending legislation with CA lawmakers

Attorney Jacqueline Goodman has a real passion for her clients, as well as the criminal justice system as a whole. As the president of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), she and her delegation recently spent time in Sacramento discussing pending legislation with lawmakers. Attorney Goodman's attention is focused on nine pending criminal justice bills, one of which is AB-701: Housing Costs for Exonerated Prisoners. This bill addresses the challenges many exonerated prisoners face upon their release. 

While exonerated prisoners do currently receive assistance upon their release, attorney Goodman and the rest of her delegation feel as though this assistance is not enough to truly help those after their time spent in prison. Upon expungement of charges or pardon, many people find themselves entering society with little in the way of finances and material possessions. That's why Goodman and her delegation support the proposals contained within this new bill, which aim to help people who've experienced wrongful convictions secure safe and reasonable housing accommodations upon their release. 

Currently, exonerated prisoners are paid a sum of $1,000. The new bill expands this figure to $5,000, while also aiming to provide additional assistance for housing costs for not less than one year but no longer than four years. Housing funds can be provided in one of two ways. Payment may be issued to the person directly, or the person may apply for reimbursement after paying for housing costs out of pocket. Exonerated prisoners will also have access to other services, including medical services and nutrition assistance.

The Law Office of Jacqueline Goodman recognizes how important it is to assist those who've been wrongfully convicted. As a skilled attorney in Fullerton, CA, she is dedicated to helping her clients access all of their rights under the criminal justice system, while also ensuring those who've experienced wrongdoing are justly compensated. Please contact her law office today to learn more about scheduling a consultation. 

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