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Brawl Case Against Chris Brown to be Closed

According to the Los Angeles Times, the misdemeanor battery case against singer Chris Brown will close soon. Singer Frank Ocean, the alleged victim, posted on social media that he didn't want to press charges against Brown. The Sherriff's Department said, "The alleged victim does not want to move forward, so we are not going to move forward." Officials plan to close the case without any charges and keep it on file. However, the Sherriff's Department plans to speak with Ocean again before the case is officially closed. The news reports that the incident occurred when the two musicians began fighting over a parking space at the recording studio. Authorities responded to the brawl when they received a report of six men fighting outside of the studio. Later that day, Ocean posted on his Twitter page that he "got jumped by Chris and a couple of guys." According to a news source, Brown and his associates left the area before law enforcement arrived. 

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