What to do After an Arrest

If you've been charged, don't wait. Act now!

Have you been arrested in Orange County? Your future may be at risk. At the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman, we understand that this may be an overwhelming and frightening experience. The outcome of this situation may depend on the actions you take right now, and you can dramatically improve your chances of a favorable result by retaining an experienced Orange County criminal lawyer from our firm to fight for you.

You have the right to silence!

Perhaps the most important thing you should know when you have been arrested is that the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution secures your right not to act as a witness against yourself. You are not required by law to speak about the situation or your criminal charges with police officers or investigators, regardless of how they may try to intimidate you into talking.

Investigators may try to coerce you into a confession and they are even allowed to lie to you during questioning, but you should always "plead the Fifth" and insist on having your attorney present with you. A prosecutor cannot use the fact that you refused to answer questions as evidence against you; this is one of your most basic rights as a citizen of the United States.

No matter how clear it may seem to you that you are innocent, and no matter how obvious you think it should be to the police, remember this one crucial factor: you would not have been arrested if the police did not already think you committed the crime. They already believe that you are guilty, and every question they ask is calculated to get you to make further incriminating statements to obtain a conviction.

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Discuss the case only with your legal counsel.

The police are not the only people you should avoid speaking to about your case. You should also withhold from discussing any aspect of the situation with other people, including your friends, your co-workers, or even your family members. Any of these people could be called as a witness and would be bound by oath to truthfully answer questions about the case.

Information you share with your criminal defense attorney is covered by the attorney-client relationship and will be kept completely confidential, even if you admit that you committed the crime. Your attorney is not there to judge you, only to gather the necessary evidence to have the charges against you dismissed.

Dedicated Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent your case can be the critical factor between being sent to jail or prison and finding your way out of the criminal justice system with minimal negative consequences. Navigating through the courts and the criminal process can be difficult and extremely confusing, and when you have been arrested and charged with a crime, the odds are against you. A talented criminal defense attorney from our firm can protect you from investigators, speak on your behalf in court and ensure that you know your rights and your options.

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