Fiercely Defending Those Accused Of Fraud Charges

California is one of the top states in the nation for various fraud crimes, and is currently home to three of the top five metropolitan areas in our country that have high rates of suspected mortgage fraud. It's no secret, then, that California law enforcement takes these matters very seriously.

Certain fraud offenses are automatically felony offenses in California, and other fraud charges are federal crimes that you can be tried for in either a state court or a federal court. No matter the type of case, The Law Office of Jacqueline Goodman is uniquely qualified to defend your rights and present a strong case against the prosecution.

Common Types Of Fraud Cases

At The Law Office of Jacqueline Goodman, we understand the serious nature of a criminal arrest and are well-equipped to contest the severe penalties associated with fraud charges. Some of the most common forms of fraud in Orange County and California include:

  • Auto insurance fraud: This often occurs when someone fakes an accident or lies about the value of their claim so they can get more benefits than they rightfully deserve.
  • Health insurance fraud: Anyone from doctors to hospital management to pharmacists can be involved in health insurance fraud. Offenses can include overcharging for medical services, receiving kickbacks for specific prescriptions or violating California's Medi-Cal laws.
  • Unemployment fraud: You are never allowed to attempt to increase, reduce or deny unemployment benefits. This includes collecting benefits in more than one state or intentionally lying about why an employee was terminated. This can also involve workers' compensation fraud or welfare fraud.
  • Check and credit card fraud: Any time you make, use or possess a check with the intent to defraud the payee, you commit California check fraud. Credit card fraud generally occurs when someone fraudulently uses another person's credit or debit card.
  • Real estate and mortgage fraud: Some of the most frequently prosecuted types of fraud in this area include foreclosure fraud, illegal property flipping and rent-skimming. Whenever you lie to overinflate the price of real estate so you gain, you may be in serious trouble with the law.
  • Securities fraud: This involves tricking or coercing investors to make decisions on fake information for your own gain. It is often referred to as stock fraud or investment fraud, and can involve altering financial statements to encourage investment or lying about a company's value.

Fraud offenses will typically result in professional license suspension or revocation, fines and jail time, and are also considered to be crimes of moral turpitude in the state of California. This means that even legal resident aliens will be subject to deportation or removal if they are convicted, which makes your choice in lawyer even more important.

It is critical that you choose an attorney with experience in fraud defense for your case. Our law firm can determine what penalties you face for your charges and what defense strategies are best to fight your charges. Call our office today at 866-287-6930 or reach out online to schedule your free initial consultation. Flexible payment plans are available!