Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Statistics in Orange County, CA

Violent crimes include any criminal acts in which the offender uses or threatens to use violent force upon the victim, and the majority of violent crimes committed in Orange County include street robberies and involve narcotics. Whatever the cause or reason may be, if you have been arrested or charged with a violent crime, it is in your best interests to seek out an Orange County criminal defense attorney who is highly knowledgeable of the law, particularly the "Three Strikes" law which may apply in your case.

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What is the Three Strikes law?

The Three Strikes law is used to discourage repeat offenders and to punish those who commit multiple crimes with the possibility of a life sentence. This law punishes individuals who have been convicted of multiple serious or violent felonies, and California Penal Code Section 1192.7(c) lists the felony offenses that will count as a strike under this law. Many violent crimes are on this list, such as rape and murder, as well as other generalized criminal offenses.

However, even within the harsh confines of this law, jail time is not automatic and any violent crime case has the chance of being changed to a reduced sentence or dismissed altogether. At our firm, we often represent clients who are charged with violent gang crimes and who may be facing their third strike under California state law. We have respected legal ability and extensive experience in negotiation so that you can accomplish the best results possible for your criminal charges.

There are three ways to win a 3-strikes case:

  1. With the help of a criminal lawyer at our firm, you can fight to beat your criminal charges and avoid a conviction.
  2. You may also be able to have a felony "wobbler" reduced to a misdemeanor, which means that you will avoid receiving another strike on your record.
  3. Thirdly, you can persuade the district attorney or the judge to "strike a strike", which means that one of your previous strikes will be removed.

Types of Violent Crime Charges

With accusations of a violent crime, our Orange County criminal defense lawyers thoroughly examine all of the evidence brought against you, gathering our own evidence and identifying key eyewitnesses. Regardless of what your charges entail, we will fight aggressively to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Below, we have provided an overview of some of the most common violent criminal charges that our firm handles.

The unlawful attempt to commit a violent injury upon another person is defined as assault under California law. Essentially, any time you commit an act that is likely to result in the application of force to another person, you may be charged with this crime.

Sometimes confused with assault, this crime is defined as any willful and unlawful touch that is offensive and/or harmful. You may be accused of battery for the slightest tough or aggravation, and yet this accusation can bring about serious penalties and may be charged as a felony offense if there are certain circumstances present.

First Degree Murder
There are three ways that you can be convicted of first-degree murder in California. The first is by committing the murder, the second is by killing in a way that is willful, deliberate and premeditated, and the third way is by means of the felony-murder rule.

Defined as the act of killing another person, homicide is one of the most serious crimes there is. However, there are two kinds of non-criminal homicide in California that are excusable according to the law.

Manslaughter is the crime of killing another person without malice aforethought. There are two types of manslaughter: voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary manslaughter takes place during the commission of an unlawful act or during the commission of a lawful act that involves a high risk of death or great bodily harm. Voluntary manslaughter applies to killings that you commit in the heat of passion or during a sudden quarrel.

What Is Mayhem?

This is one of the least popular crimes in Orange County, but it is still important to understand how a criminal accusation of this nature comes about. Mayhem is the crime of maliciously disfiguring or disabling another person's body. Unlike the similar offenses of assault and battery, mayhem focuses on the nature of the alleged victim's injury rather than the nature of the force that was used.

What Are Violent Felonies Under California Law?

There certain violent offenses that are categorized as violent felonies in California Penal Code Section 667.5(c). A conviction for any of these crimes will count as a strike under California's Three Strikes Law, and these crimes include the following offenses: murder, voluntary manslaughter, rape, mayhem, sodomy, oral copulation, lewd acts on a child under the age of 14, and any robbery.

Violent Crimes Defense Strategies

Oftentimes, research into the alleged victim's past uncovers unknown defenses, such as a history of violence or other circumstances which make it possible to argue self-defense or defense of others, or facts which mitigate in favor of a reduced sentence. Many times these cases are easier to fight than initially believed. We take the time at the beginning of the criminal process to thoroughly prepare each case for trial and to maximize our client's chances of a favorable outcome.

Let Us Protect Your Rights

From the moment you learn of your charges, it is important to be proactive in defending your rights. The first thing you should do is contact a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases. From there, you can rest assured knowing that your attorney is working continually to clear your name and challenge the evidence brought against you.

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