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While Goodman's cases have run the gamut from white-collar crime to homicide, her expertise in the area of sex offenses has proven particularly valuable in the current legal climate. As the co-chair of Sex Crimes Education for the more than 10,000 lawyers of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, she regularly interfaces with legal and forensics experts from across the country to remain abreast of cutting-edge defenses that beget success.

And her results in the area of sex crimes are extraordinary, including the successful representation of clients charged with sex crimes in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Goodman sees issues related to the movement as nuanced at best. While she applauds the bravery of the victims and supports the rights of those who have been abused and marginalized to tell their stories, she also cautions that the unintended consequences may come with this otherwise liberating zeitgeist.

"As the culture turns its attention to those historically silenced victims - usually women - the fallout is that a number of innocent men get caught up in the net," Goodman says.

In the time since the #MeToo movement began, Goodman has secured several acquittals in sex cases. "Most understand that innocent people can be accused, but many fear judgment if they appear critical of an accuser," she observes. "What defense attorneys need to do is tap into the silent majority, appeal to their sense of fairness, and empower the jury to hold everyone to the same standard."

For Goodman, "the more challenging the case the more gratifying the win."

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Adult & Child Sex Crime Defense in the OC

Sex crimes include a number of behaviors that are sexual in nature, such as:

A conviction for a sex crime is punishable by all the typical criminal penalties, including fines, jail / prison time, and a lengthy term of probation. If you are convicted of a sex crime with another adult or with a child, additional penalties can also be applied to your case, one of the most significant being mandatory registration as a sex offender under the terms of California's Megan's Law.

Megan's Law

Megan's Law was enacted by the California legislature in 2004 with the purpose of safeguarding the general public against individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes, with special focus placed on violent sexual predators.

The law imposes mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender for individuals who have been convicted of "registerable offenses," which include:

  • Sexual Battery
  • Rape
  • Lewd or Lascivious Acts with a Child
  • Sexual Penetration with a Foreign Object
  • Possession of Obscene Matter Involving a Child Under 14

Upon your release from jail or prison, you will be required to register as a sex offender with the local law enforcement in the city in which you live. Law enforcement will then have the option of notifying the community of your presence. Furthermore, you will be featured in a profile on a website maintained by the State Department of Justice, which will include information such as your home address, details about the crime you were convicted of, a physical description and your photograph.

Jessica's Law for Orange County Sex Offenders

In 2006, the voters of California approved a measure which supplements the restrictions contained in Megan's Law. This new act, known as "Jessica's Law," prohibits convicted sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school, park or any other place where children are known to gather. In a densely populated environment such as Southern California, this places severe restrictions on your options for finding a place to live. To enforce this restriction, Jessica's Law even subjects high-risk sex offenders to lifetime GPS tracking, meaning that you would essentially be under constant supervision and surveillance.

Tough Defense from an Orange County Firm

Our firm does not judge individuals who have been accused of a sex crime. We understand that anyone could find themselves in this situation. What our firm does is present a case for our client that gives him or her a fair chance at protecting their rights against a legal system that is often more eager to penalize than to protect. Don't let your freedom be lost by a failure to retain the services of an adept attorney.

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