Orange County Internet Crime Defense

Under investigation for an internet crime?

Internet crimes include any illegal activity involving one or more components of the internet, such as websites, chat rooms, and email. Investigations in this new area of the law will frequently involve the FBI and federal prosecutors, as well as law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels.

As internet crime complaints are reported, the Internet Crimes Units compile the data. Trained analysts review and research each complaint, disseminating information to the appropriate federal, state, local, and / or international law enforcement or regulatory agencies for criminal, civil, or administrative action.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for an internet crime, including identity theft or internet fraud, a skilled Orange County criminal attorney from our firm is prepared to build a strong defense on your behalf. Jacqueline Goodman, the founder of our law firm, is steadfast in protecting the rights, freedom, and future of her clients. Together, our legal team can fight tirelessly to help you avoid the serious consequences of a conviction, which could include jail or prison, steep fines and a criminal record.

Evidence Commonly Obtained by Search Warrants

Search warrants are commonplace in internet crime investigations, and evidence may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Canceled checks
  • Certified or other mail receipts
  • Chat room or newsgroup text
  • Computer files and hard drives
  • Credit card receipts
  • Emails and electronic communications including IM
  • Envelopes, if you received items via FedEx, UPS, or U.S. Mail
  • Facsimiles
  • Money order receipts
  • Pamphlets or brochures
  • Phone bills
  • Printed or preferably electronic copies of emails
  • Printed or preferably electronic copies of web pages
  • Wire receipts

Reliable and Aggressive Orange County Defense Attorney

Our team at the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman has extensive experience representing clients who face internet crime charges. We can conduct an investigation into your case to find the most effective strategy for your defense. If we can prove that your Constitutional rights were violated during the investigation or arrest, for example by searching your property without a warrant, it may be possible to have the case dismissed before trial.

If you are under investigation for identity theft or internet fraud, contact us today to learn more about how we can fight for you.