Possession With Intent To Distribute

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It is illegal in California to possess illegal or controlled substances with the intent to sell or otherwise distribute them. This is a crime carrying serious penalties including jail time and a mark on your criminal record. This means you need to do everything you can to prevent being convicted.

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What constitutes possession with intent to sell?

Attorney Jacqueline Goodman has the experience and tools to contest a drug possession charge. All that is needed to elevate your drug possession charge to one of possession with intent to distribute is for officers to have what they believe to be evidence supporting your intent to sell or distribute drugs.

Such evidence can include the following:

  • Large amounts of drugs in your possession
  • Individualized packaging or separation of the drugs
  • Scales and other conspicuous forms of measurement
  • Large amounts of cash

Depending on the amount of drugs and the type of drugs found on you, you could be charged with felony possession with intent to distribute which could result in up to four years behind bars.

Let Us Challenge Your Charges

Charges for drug possession with intent to sell are just that, charges. You are still far from a conviction and there are many points Attorney Jacqueline Goodman can challenge in your case. For instance, how were the drugs found on you? You may have been the victim of an illegal search and seizure, in which case any evidence found during your arrest could be thrown out. Law enforcement must have a warrant or probable cause to search you, your car, or your home.

Further, what constitutes a "large amount" of drugs is subjective and if you can argue that the drugs found on you were for personal use, you may not be eligible to be charged with intent to distribute.

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