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California has strict laws regarding the possession and use of cocaine. A judge can set down the punishment for cocaine possession, which could very likely include jail time and other harsh penalties. If you were arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession, don't hesitate to call our Orange County drug crimes attorney today.

Cocaine is regarded as a Schedule I substance due to its addictive and dangerous nature. Possession of it is a felony offense in California, which carries serious consequences. A typical sentence for cocaine possession is up to a year in jail and/or a year of probation. Based on any aggravating factors, however, such as previous drug offenses and the amount of cocaine on your person, the judge can increase the sentence to up to three years.

Common Drug Defenses

Attorney Jacqueline Goodman can fight your drug charges in order to have them dropped.

Common defenses for cocaine possession include arguing that:

  • Police conducted an illegal search and seizure
  • The cocaine did not belong to you
  • You did not know the substance was cocaine
  • You were forced or coerced to possess the drugs for another person

Alternatives to Prison

Even if there is some substance to your charges, our Orange County criminal defense lawyer can argue to have your sentence reduced. There are a few alternatives in California to jail time for cocaine possession. Whether you receive these options depend in part on your charge, criminal history, and personal situation.

One alternative is Proposition 36 which involves a year of drug treatment rather than jail. Treatment can be inpatient, outpatient, or at a halfway house. Drug courts are found throughout California and typically require general probation terms in addition to regular chick-ins at court.

If you secure Deferred Judgment, you will plead guilty and agree to undergo probation and treatment. Successful completion of treatment together with a clean rap sheet results in having your case dropped.

Providing Trusted Defense for Your Case

At the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman, we pride ourselves on our commitment to doing all we can on our client's behalf. We are not intimidated by opposition, so when your future is on the line, look to Attorney Jacqueline Goodman to stand up for you.

Call our Orange County drug defense firm today if you were arrested for cocaine possession or fill out a free evaluation.