The DUI Process

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Having a clear understanding of the stages in a DUI case can be to your benefit if you have been arrested by relieving you of some of the uncertainty. For anyone charged with DUI, our Orange County criminal defense lawyer provides the competent and aggressive defense needed to avoid a conviction and pursue the best resolution possible.

At the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman, our lead attorney has been committed to practicing solely criminal law for over 20 years. In this time, Attorney Goodman has earned a perfect 10.0 score from Avvo, testifying to her professional conduct and consistent successes in defending the rights of the accused.

How does the process unfold?

Many steps are involved in the DUI process, beginning with an arrest and culminating in either a dismissal, acquittal, reduction of the charges, or a conviction.

The stages involved include:

  • The police officer arrests you for DUI based, in theory, on probable cause
  • You will be booked where pertinent information is recorded and a report is filed of the crime
  • Bail will be set with the understanding that you promise to appear at future court proceedings
  • You will appear at your arraignment to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest to your charges
  • Judges determine if a trial is warranted during a preliminary hearing for felony charges
  • The defense and prosecution introduce motions during pre-trial motions
  • Trial takes place if you plead not guilty and no plea bargain is reached and evidence is presented
  • If you are found guilty by judge or jury or are convicted by plea bargain, punishment will be determined during sentencing phase

One of the first things to happen after a DUI arrest is your driver's license will be confiscated by the officer who will give you a temporary permit. Within 10 days of your arrest, you will need to contact the DMV to schedule a hearing to request a stay on your license suspension.

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Our Orange County DUI attorney can represent you during this hearing and argue your stop was unwarranted. The Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman is prepared to contest any part of your DUI charge to obtain the most favorable outcome. We have the track record and dedication you need when facing the harsh penalties of a DUI conviction.

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