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Are you facing a criminal accusation? At the Law Offices of Jacqueline Goodman, we are whole-heartedly dedicated to giving clients the legal assistance they need. In an area like Orange County, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of available legal options. That's why you need a lawyer who stands out from the crowd. With 20 years of legal experience, our firm has the skills and resources you need. You don't have to take our word for it, though. To learn more about our reputation and past cases, check out our client testimonials below - we believe that success speaks for itself.

"My son was facing serious time for some criminal activity. he was 20 years old. I had never had to contact a lawyer in my life. I was so stressed, i could not concentrate at work, I found Ms Goodman's web site and called the number. Her assistance were so very helpful and kind. When I spoke to Ms. Goodman for the first time I was astounded with the weight that was lifted off my shoulders and heart. Through out this terrible time I was able to call the law office for updates and many questions. On court dates Ms Goodman would call me personally and update me on the details. She is truly amazing and a very compassionate person , not to mention strong and wise. She has given my son a second chance to start a new life. with his husky mix , Duely whom I would have had to find a new home for, if not for Ms Goodman. Many Many Thanks and gratitude." - Former Client

"Ms. Goodman did everything she could to give me the results that I wanted. I had some pretty serious charges and she really came through for me. I recommend her to anybody that needs legal representation. I was extremely satisfied with her services. Thank you Ms. Goodman. You saved my life." - Avvo Reviewer

"I retained Ms. Goodman to defend my son who had been accused of a serious crime. She met with the entire family one-on-one and was very attentive while she was also taking notes. She advised me of what my son was potentially facing and how she projected the outcome. When I paid for her retainer she told me that it was no longer my job as a parent to worry. She said that it was now her job to worry and that I should concentrate on taking care of my family as usual. What a relief it was to Jackie in my sons' corner. Because of attorney client privilege, I was not privy to the details of my sons case, but I am very happy with the outcome. If you hire Jacqueline Goodman Rubio, you can rest assured that you will have a dedicated advocate in your corner." - Avvo Reviewer

"If you need a lawyer you can count on, Jacqueline Goodman Rubio is the one you want. She has your best interest at heart and fight for you the whole way. She didnt judge me for the charges against me, she appreciated me for trying to be a better person and helped me have a chance at life again. I got the best deal that a person could get - community service instead of prison time and a 2nd chance! She is amazing!!!" - Avvo Reviewer

"Jacqueline Goodman is an honest, hard working professional lawyer in the city of Fullerton. If you need a lawyer, she is the one you want. Her knowledge and professionalism is what helped me get through a difficult time.She had two counts dismissed that would have been bad on my record. I really appreciate what she did for me." - Avvo Reviewer

"Took control of everything, for the second time in my life. There are no words to describe what it means to have a lawyer save you from your mistakes and give you a chance to change." - Avvo Reviewer

"Jacqueline kept my son from going to prison. Instead he will now be going into a program that can help him. She was very quick to respond and gave lots of ways to get in touch with her.She was there each time we went to court and stayed the entire time answering as many questions as needed. She also seemed to be well respected by other attorneys. I would most definitely recommend her." - Avvo Reviewer