About The Law Office Of Jacqueline Goodman

Nationally renowned criminal defense attorney Jacqueline Goodman isn't afraid to take a stand and doesn't intimidate easily. Her legal successes have earned Goodman numerous accolades, including the inclusion of her name on the Wall of Recognition at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Goodman, a Certified Criminal Law Specialist and leading California criminal defense lawyer, is known for taking the toughest and most notorious cases. A deft advocate for the criminally accused, she ensures her clients have the highest quality defense possible.

"Criminal defense lawyers are witnesses to the human cost of injustice. We are on the frontline in the fight to protect freedom, and for us, it's not just a vague concept. For the criminal defense lawyer, we are in a fight to protect the freedom and the very life of a person we come to know. It's an awesome responsibility," she explains.

Goodman has been practicing criminal law for more than 20 years, handling highly publicized and difficult criminal trials and earning a distinguished reputation among legal peers and members of the judiciary. Her credentials are impressive. Admitted to argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, Goodman is the 2019 president of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, an organization that advocates for criminal justice reform and tackling issues including over criminalization, solitary confinement, sex offender registration and inhumane incarceration conditions.

Goodman sees her mission to "change the playing field" as complimentary to her work as an advocate for individuals.

"It is undeniable that people who shouldn't, do, in fact, get caught up in the system," she explains. "Bad things happen to good people, and we are all susceptible to accusation. But that doesn't have to mean the end of life as you know it."

When you can't afford to lose you can trust Jacqueline Goodman, a Certified Criminal Defense Specialist who leverages experience and passion to lead her clients to safety - even in the worst of times.

Why Work With Attorney Goodman?

  • Rated 10.0 Superb on Avvo
  • 2012 Avvo Clients' Choice Attorney for Criminal Defense
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Only represents criminal defense cases
  • Admitted to argue cases in the United States Supreme Court, something very few lawyers can claim

Standing Up for Her Clients' Rights

One of the best examples of this is Ms. Goodman's representation of Members of the Muslim student union, the "Irvine 11." These students were arrested and charged all for exercising their First Amendment rights in protesting against the Israeli ambassador.

For representing these students, Ms. Goodman faced international condemnation and scorn from some who held strong opinions in this highly charged political drama, but persisted despite the opposition. She repeatedly stood up to the Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas in public debates. She will not be intimidated. Jacqueline stands with her clients no matter how difficult the challenge becomes. She is most proud to protect her clients in the face of adversity.

Ms. Goodman also defended a case involving a local Major League Baseball player who was killed by a drunk driver. As one could imagine, the compassion rested solely with the family of the deceased MLB player. Although Ms. Goodman faced scorn for representing the drunk driver, she fought for his rights anyway so that justice would prevail over revenge.

Involved In The Local OC Community

Not only does Jacqueline contribute heavily to the legal community, she also commits herself to the Orange County community as well.

  • She founded the North Orange County Bar Association (NOCBA) and also served as the bar's first president. Since the bar was founded, it has grown to hundreds of members in size.
  • Ms. Goodman is also the author of a criminal justice curriculum. This is meant to help advocates understand the criminal justice system particularly for individuals with developmental disabilities and other special needs.
  • She frequently speaks at law schools across the country.
  • She has also been featured in prestigious news outlets including legal commentary for Los Angeles Times.

Highly Respected Advocate For The Criminally Accused

Attorney Jacqueline Goodman has a reputation for standing up for the civil rights, criminal rights, and fair administration of criminal law in California and across the nation. This passion drives her to uphold justice where justice is due. In your time of need, Ms. Goodman provides the highest quality of criminal defense in the Orange County area.

Clients also appreciate her sense of humor and her overwhelming sense of compassion. She has gained the respect of many whom she has helped and fought against alike and hopes to continue to do so for years to come.

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